Marine lubricants

Sonan Bunkers is looking to help its customers to improve their operational efficiency through an extensive supply network of global major oil and independent suppliers.

Our primary objective is to ensure our customer’s peace of mind regarding their lubricant supplies and keep them satisfied by providing them with premium products at competitive prices at all ports around the world with a respective technical service whenever this is needed by a team of experts.

Our mission is to provide a 24/7 service to our customers with high flexibility and reliability combining our vast experience in the field of marine lubricants.

Our partners’ network covers supplies in more than 1,000 ports and above 80 countries. Our day-to-day business is to keep constant contact with our customers and provide them with frequent updates regarding the progress of their orders.

We offer a wide range of premium quality products covering well above manufacturer requirements such as:

  • Cylinder and system oils for crosshead engines and four-stroke diesel engines
  • Hydraulic, gear oils
  • Heat transfer oils
  • Turbine, compressor oils
  • Refrigeration oils
  • Greases
  • Environmentally responsible lubricants and great range of synthetics

Technical experts will offer the optimum lubricants and create a lubrication chart for each vessel with services such as:

  • Used Oil Analysis Service (UOA)
  • Scavenging Drain Analysis (SDA)
  • Cold Corrosion Monitoring (CCM)

by approved laboratories with reports on key analytical parameters against predetermined limits which will help t act before any issues become major problems.

Our dedicated team of marine lubricant experts provides the global shipping industry with optimal supply solutions and first-class technical services. With a focus on long-term relationships and value-for-money service offerings, we help our clients - owners and managers to overcome the many challenges they face every day.

In a rapidly changing industry environment and with the IMO 2020 in place Sonan Bunkers Group is committed to supplying global coverage while being a trustworthy partner, guaranteeing smooth operations and the best fleet lubrication results.

Conscious of efficiency, we offer fast-paced solutions with onshore and onboard technical support tailored to your maintenance needs.

Our broad international network of physical suppliers connects global majors with local distributors ensuring optimal supply coverage, even in remote areas.

Our marine lubricant experts are well aware of the technical needs of your onboard and onshore teams, offering the best combination of well-rounded expertise, hands-on client service, and the usage of high-quality products from premium engines and auxiliary equipment manufacturers.

As part of Sonan Bunkers Lubricants Preventive Maintenance Package, we offer a classic lube monitor used oil analysis service for all types of vessels, as well as a cold corrosion control solution for marine main engine cylinders.




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